Rob Lahoda • Heritage Insurance Advisors

About This Project

Platform Drupal 8
Host Pantheon
Key Modules Paragraphs, Webform, Metatag
Key Technology UIKit
Theme Custom
Base Theme UIKit

The client came to me with a request for a polished looking site on a very short timeframe. During our discussion it became clear that a front-end framework would be the best solution for their needs. I identified UIKit as one that would work well for them and created a custom theme based on the UIKit theme.

This site is primarily built using Paragraphs for full editorial customization. I created a variety of paragraph types based on the UIKit card and background image formatting as well as an embedded Google Maps map paragraph type. For visual flexibility, I created layout plugins that would allow for 1, 2, or 3 paragraphs to be placed inside to allow for taking advantage of the UIKit grid system.

I created a custom multistep quote form through the Webform module with conditional logic to determine which parts of the form were necessary for the user to use. Based on the conditional logic, the form also hides the steps that are unnecssary for the user based on their selection.

For added visual effects, the client requested some of the parallax features built into UIKit so these were integrated into the paragraph types. To allow for greater flexibility, logic was built into the templates and paragraph types to allow for various features to be turned on and off such as the parallax effect for the images, background image attachment, the ability to have the image hide on mobile for a cleaner viewing experience, selection of color schemes for buttons and card types, and other features.