Rob Lahoda • Professional Experience

Selected Work Experience

  • Freelance Multimedia Production and Web Design 2005-Present
    • Web projects listed on site are from freelance work
    • Worked with numerous clients from large and small organizations
    • Focus on exceeding value for budget
    • Work closely with client to identify their needs and ensure that final product meets or exceeds expectations
    • Try to ensure timely completion of projects to stay well within client's schedule
    • Please visit to view my photography and video portfolio
  • Multimedia and Web Specialist 2013-2017
    • Worked on team maintaining and expanding website content and media
    • Helped plan transition from legacy CMS to Drupal (transition occured after I was no longer on staff)
    • Built numerous microsites and pages for employee intranet
    • Managed most technical aspects of video hosting service (RAMP)
    • Produced numerous videos for internal employee communications
    • Created print and digital graphics, posters, brochures, etc. for mail, email, web, sales, and tradeshow distribution
  • Video and Lighting Engineer 2006-2012
    • Managed a team of 25+ volunteers to cover 4-8 positions for 4 church services each week
    • Trained volunteers to run skilled positions such as a video switcher, graphics computer, and lighting console
    • Rebuilt video system from basic analog presentation system to multicamera HD digital system
    • Produced videos for internal and external communication on short deadlines
    • Produced graphics for videos and events