Rob Lahoda • Love God Love France

About This Project

Platform Drupal 8
Host Pantheon
Key Modules Paragraphs, Mailchimp, Metatag
Key Technology Flexbox, SVG
Theme Custom
Base Theme Stable

This site is built primarily using Paragraphs to allow for total editorial customization. Using 2 main content types I utilized 14 custom paragraph types to create a wide variety of layout possibilities. Paragraph types are split into two main categories: layout and content. Layout paragraphs allow any content inside and only create the layout structure for the page and dictate the background and text styles for any contained content.

Content paragraphs include hero images, an SVG-based pie chart, video embed, node lists with different display types, custom block reference, view references, and others. All paragraphs are fully responsive, including image paragraphs that can be set to disappear on mobile to lessen the amount of scrolling on the page.

The site includes integration with the Mailchimp module to connect multiple signup forms to mailing lists. The Metatag module uses a variety of custom fields in the content type for Open Graph image display and social sharing descriptions.

The theme is custom built for this project without any external frameworks or base themes. The design is fully responsive and uses a mixture of BEM naming for the structure and utility classes for color, alignment, and other purposes.

The site utilizes Pantheon’s multilayer dev process with a local dev environment using Pantheon’s Kalabox integration, hosted dev, test, and live sites.