Rob Lahoda • Rob Lahoda Media

About This Project

Platform HTML
Key Technology Twig templating, Gulp compiling workflow, JSON content, Flexbox

This is my multimedia production portfolio site. I have been doing multimedia production for over 13 years.

When I built this site, I wanted to gain more familiarity with Twig templating, so I used a Gulp compiling workflow to compile the SASS into CSS and to combine the Twig templates and a JSON file of content into the final HTML. There are image and video templates using for loops to build the grid. Each thumbnail image uses html srcset for responsive image display.

The site uses BEM naming structure for CSS elements, Flexbox for the layout, the Fancybox.js lightbox plugin for modal views of images, and I custom-coded a simple PHP form for the contact form.

The header includes meta tagging that uses Twig tags to point to the JSON content for descriptions and other information that is shared between Open Graph, Meta tags, and Twitter. I also created a custom Google Analytics script to track how far on the page a user scrolls down as well as my own Javascript hero image slideshow.